Focus of Partnership
Sivananthan Laboratories is a high tech business incubator focused on promoting economic growth in Illinois and the United States through fostering cutting-edge, fundamental research and development. We at Sivananthan Laboratories cherish an ecosystem of scientific collaboration among academia, industry, and government while working with external partners to commercialize successful research. We will leverage these collaborations in order to bridge the gap between academia and industry. As a part of our mission, we work in areas pertaining to national security, industrial monitoring, pharmaceuticals and public health, and renewable energies. Specific details about these technologies are discussed below.

Episensors, Inc.

Episensors is a fully owned subsidiary of Sivananthan Laboratories. Episensors is focused on providing technological advancements in the national defense, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and world health industries through creating and commercializing innovative products based on cutting-edge research and development. These efforts have primarily focused on the development of novel biodetection, short-wave infrared(SWIR) and radiation detection technologies.


  • Team has developed a unique, highly sensitive and portable biosensor - EpiSENSE™ system
  • EpiSENSE™ System is a proven biosensor successfully field tested in the Joint Ambient Breeze Tunnel (JABT) at the US Army's Dugway Proving Grounds, Utah.
  • Cutting edge development of SWIR Cameras
  • Team researches and develops biosensors, air concentrators for pathogen detection and biodecontamination systems
  • Years of proven work with Short Wave Infrared Cameras
EpiSENSE System
SWIR Presentation

Radiation Detectors

  • Team posesses and operates polishing systems for cadmium zinc telluride (CdZnTe) material; can routinely achieve 1nm surface roughness
  • Team is able to custom-engineer polishing machine components
  • Team has designed well-developed polishing processes and methods and is highly experienced based on infra-red experience
Roughness Characterization

Roughness characterization:
Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)

CdZnTe Chemically Polished
Chemically polished CdZnTe surface

Infrared Detectors

  • Team performs cutting-edge research and development in infrared imaging technology based on Mercury Cadmium Telluride (HgCdTe)
  • Team possesses more than two decades of experience in the development of HgCdTe and has developed devices and processes specific to molecular beam epitaxy crystal growth.
  • Team possesses expertise with specialty, exotic and heterodyne detectors
  • Team has additional capabilities in modeling Type II superlattice materials and devices, and polishing GaSb substrates

50mm GaSb Wafer Processing
50mm GaSb wafer processing
Wafer processing initial step: Wafer lapping   Final step of the wafer process: Chemically polished surface of the wafer

received wafers
Received wafers from vendors

Renewable Energies – Solar

Sivananthan Laboratories has formed InSPIRE (Institute for Solar Photovoltaic Industry Research and Education) to promote commercialization of academic research. We will collaborate with several universities to research and develop solar photovoltaic technology.

Neurology/Bio-Medical Research

Traditionally in endoscopy, a medical practitioner inserts a flexible, thin, long tube with a small camera through the patient's mouth. The patients are usually awake during the procedure and suffer from gagging of the throat despite the use of intravenous sedatives and numbing agents sprays. We are working toward the development of an encapsulated endoscope to examine areas of the digestive tract by transmitting high resolution images to an attached workstation computer. The device would provide a painless and convenient procedure to diagnose patients' internal ailments.

Food Safety/Monitoring

Food processing, packaging and transportation allows an opportunity for biological contamination of food products. This has the potential to pose a significant health threat to the general public. The biosensors group of Sivananthan Laboratories is looking into ways to tailor our biosensor technology to food safety applications.