White House Honors
Dr. Sivalingam "Siva" Sivananthan
as an
Entrepreneurial Champion of Change
Exciting news for the Sivananthan Laboratories group of companies. ASTRO-H was launched into space on Feb. 17, 2016 and it includes x-ray calorimeters made from material fabricated at EPIR Technologies. Hitomi Launch

  • High tech business incubator focused on promoting economic growth in Illinois and the United States
  • Using the Bell Laboratories famous corporate model, Sivananthan Laboratories attempts to bridge the gap between domestic research and technology to proof of concept and commercialization
  • Offers small businesses opportunies to collaborate by nuturing their ability to research new technologies, create jobs, and generate innocative products and services
  • Sivananthan Laboratories cherishs the ecosystem of scientific collaboration among academia, industry, and government while working with external partners to commercialize successful research

Research vs. Industry